Working and Learning at Meadowhall

By Jordan Anderson
Customer Service Assistant at Meadowhall

08 Mar 2017

An apprenticeship paid off for me. I always wanted to work and learn at the same time and doing that has got me a permanent job.

I chose a retail apprenticeship because I had enjoyed my Saturday job working in the men’s department at Next in Meadowhall. When I got offered the chance to do a Level 2 Diploma through the Retail Path project at Meadowhall, I felt excited. I started in March 2015 and didn't think I would settle into working within the busy environment as fast as I did. 

My whole apprenticeship experience was fun. I made new friends with the people I worked with and they made sure that I was trained on every desk correctly. There was a lot to learn about how the business worked. Customers have so many different questions about directions to stores, opening times and things like that but I was really helped by the people that I worked with, so I picked it up fast. 

The training and experience has made me more confident. I learned all sorts of things – how to talk to customers, how to design shop windows and ways to use them for advertising. It was interesting finding out how Meadowhall worked, all the different departments and events. I also spent one day a month at The Source Skills Academy, just across from Meadowhall. That was where I did all my tests and coursework, with the help of my assessor.

When I completed my apprenticeship last year, I was invited to apply for a permanent position at Meadowhall and was really pleased when I got it. Meadowhall’s a great place to work. I hope one day to move into the security team, learning the ways that department works and building an understanding of how to use different skills. 

I really recommend apprenticeships for anyone who has just left school and is looking for a job but still wanting to learn. You basically get paid to learn skills you can use within everyday life. 

Paula Windle, Internal Services Manager at Meadowhall: “Jordan is virtually unrecognisable from the young man who first walked through the door. He was very quiet but we could see his potential. He has worked across all our customer service sites and is wonderful with customers. They absolutely adore him and he is a valued member of the team. The future looks bright for Jordan. We are really proud of him for passing his qualification and look forward to assisting him in his goal.”

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The Retail Path project at Meadowhall is funded by British Land and the Revo Educational Trust. It is delivered by The Source Skills Academy, a training centre set up by British Land and Sheffield City Council in 2003. Retail Path is the retail property industry’s apprenticeship scheme, operated by the Revo Educational Trust and National Skills Academy for Retail. 

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