Spring Award Winners Shine

By James Varley
Retail Asset Manager at British Land

03 May 2017

Thanks to the winners of our quarterly awards this spring, for going above and beyond to deliver our sustainability strategy and create Places People Prefer.


James Mead of Alive ITC successfully managed the rollout of digital screens across our retail portfolio. This is the latest in a series of projects to enhance the use of technology and enliven the consumer experience in response to changing lifestyles. James’ stellar efforts resulted in the project completing on time and to budget.

Andrew Stafford, Engineering Manager at 10 Brock Street, has exceeded expectations in delivering efficiency improvements to save occupiers tens of thousands of pounds – actioning opportunities through our smart energy management process, trialling Building Management System innovations, optimising the Combined Heat and Power plant and engaging with occupiers throughout. 

Wellbeing at our offices

Patrick Dennis of Incentive Lynx Security at Berners Street willingly takes on tasks beyond his job description and rises to challenges, all while excelling at welcoming visitors. Whether it’s developing a positive rapport, handling deliveries, checking meter readings, tidying waste areas, using his plumbing skills to fix an occupier’s radiators or dealing with a flood promptly to minimise impacts, Patrick shines.

Philip Kanyamahane of Incentive Lynx Security at Paddington Central recently played a vital role in thwarting a group that had managed to gain unauthorised access to high profile buildings elsewhere. A trusted and valued team member, Philip and his colleagues were praised by occupiers for their excellent efforts in securing the building and caring for the people who work there.

Wellbeing in retail

Annarose Hearsum, Wellbeing Champion at Whiteley, has introduced free physio sessions for team members with aches and pains. To select the physio partner, Annarose personally funded a colleague with back issues to mystery shop a local clinic. Informed by their glowing report, the partnership was agreed. In return, the physio enjoys opportunities to promote their clinic on the mall. A win/win for all involved.

Talented at turning negative situations into positive ones, Annarose also supported a distressed family after a bullying issue from school spilled over during a centre visit. She looked after the family, helped them report the situation to police and arranged a complimentary breakfast. One of our 2015 winners, it’s great to see Annarose continuing to go above and beyond for visitors and colleagues. 

Peter Skerry of Westgrove is the longest serving officer at New Mersey and an advocate of change. When the centre switched security partners for the first time in a decade, Peter played a vital role in the smooth and happy transfer of team members. In over 15 years, he’s never had a day (or night) off sick and has shown unwavering support for the centre and British Land.

The operations team at SouthGate was commended by local police for its professionalism, care and resolve when a teenage visitor collapsed at the centre. Throughout, the team worked with the paramedics and police, gave assistance to the young girl and her family, coordinated other centre visitors and minimised potentially intrusive media attention. Our thoughts are with the family.

Skills and opportunity

Stuart McCulloch of McLaren and Neil Rigby of Hawkspear are helping people turn their lives around through our construction activity at New Mersey and Broughton. Stuart has organised two Community Days for ex-offenders and long term unemployed local residents, working with community partners. Through these sessions, Neil has recruited two new team members, Curtis and Joe, who he also provides with ongoing mentoring support. Read Curtis’s blog on Turning Your Life Around.


Gail Sutton, Centre Manager at Giltbrook, is always engaging with the local community to make a positive difference – actively supporting our Young Readers Programme with the National Literacy Trust, delivering a sustainability session for students at Selston High School, cataloguing a new reference library for pupils at Springbank Primary School, arranging dementia friendly training for the local community and retailers – and more! Gail’s enthusiasm encourages colleagues to get involved too and she has lots more community projects in the pipeline.

Additional nominations

  • Jean Barros of Sowga at Marble Arch House
  • Terry Cheese of ABM at Surrey Quays
  • Karen Clayton of Broadgate Estates at Kingston Centre
  • Rob Colman of Incentive FM at Whiteley
  • Steve Coulson of Broadgate Estates at Serpentine Green
  • Jason Cumbicus of Principle Cleaners at York House
  • Bernard Davy of Broadgate Estates at Ealing Broadway
  • Collette Evans of Reed & Mackay Corporate Travel
  • Dulce Franco of Portico at York House
  • Filipa Franco of Portico at Marble Arch House
  • Darren Gooding of Broadgate Estates at Whiteley 
  • Nicola Graham of Stoneseed, across the portfolio
  • Janie Harding Edgar of Catering at York House
  • Dawn Osborne of Broadgate Estates at Meadowhall
  • Luke Radford and Dill Taraki of Incentive Lynx Security at Paddington Central
  • Steve Kenton of Principle Cleaning at Paddington Central
  • Ebrima Touray of Incentive FM at St Stephen’s
  • Malcolm Webb of Broadgate Estates at Regent’s Place
  • Kirsty Whiting of Broadgate Estates at SouthGate.

The British Land quarterly awards recognise the top achievers in our supply chain, nominated by colleagues, occupiers and service partners, and assessed by a panel of judges. We’ll be announcing our annual Awards for Excellence winners in June 2017. 

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