Progressing in Security at St Stephen’s

By Adam Sagar
Security Officer with Incentive FM at St Stephen's, Hull

21 Mar 2017

Since finishing my apprenticeship, I’ve gained full-time employment and progressed with the team here at St Stephen’s, Hull. The working environment is fast and this drives me to succeed in my chosen field of security. I also believe that I’ve grown as an individual and become more confident and focused in life. 

We’re lucky here at St Stephen’s; the centre management team and my employer, Incentive FM, are passionate about promoting and caring for staff who want to succeed. I know it will not be an issue for me to develop my skills in the future. 

The team I work with are a fantastic bunch and come from all walks of life. Not only are we close at work, we spend a lot time together socially as well; it’s interesting to listen to their stories. I’m proud to be a part of a team nominated for In House Security Team of the Year at the 2017 Outstanding Security Performance Awards. We’ll find out in March if we’ve won (fingers crossed) but even being nominated is an honour. 

Since completing my apprenticeship, I’ve gained my Security Industry Authority CCTV licence and had training on our CCTV systems. This is something I’d like to focus on in the future. I’d also like to be involved in a supervisory course.

My two-year goal is to have a better understanding of CCTV practices. I’ve had interviews for two different security roles at St Stephen’s, one on CCTV. Although I wasn’t successful that time, this won’t put a damper on my plans; I’ll keep trying. I like the diversity at work and I like the interview process because they give you feedback on where to develop, so I come back more focused next time.

As long as St Stephen’s is going strong, I always want to be a part of it. My long-term aim is to become a supervisor. I have all the tools to accomplish my aim; I work with a great team, who will support me in this challenge ahead. 

It’s great to feel valued whilst you’re at work; the management team do so much for us and give praise. We are one big family, each with different responsibility and roles.


Adam shortly after completing his security apprenticeship in 2013. Read his blog here.

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