An Apprentice’s View – Marketing’s the Foundation

By Pacha Tehrani
Marketing Apprentice at Ealing Broadway

07 Mar 2017

I chose a marketing apprenticeship because I wanted to get a good understanding of the work environment and marketing is the foundation of any business – without recognition or exposure then businesses can’t thrive. 

I finished college aged 18, gaining A Levels in Media and Graphics, and AS Levels in Photography and Creative Writing. I was tired of academia and wanted to find out who I am in the ‘real world’. Apprenticeships give you the chance to jump straight into the workforce.

I found out about the opening at Ealing Broadway by filtering down the opportunities. I was attracted to retail because it is a massive business area and a good way of getting to learn the ropes for any organisation.

After sending off the application, I was contacted by phone and given insights into the position and asked about why I was interested. I was then invited for a face-to-face interview with the Marketing Manager, Lucy, and then to meet the Centre Director, Andrew Rollings. After that, I was offered the job. I felt overjoyed. I had a sense that this was where my real life begins.

The Centre Director liked the concept that I have for marketing as the foundation of a business, which was good to hear from someone experienced in the field. He was also interested that I have a definite goal for where I want to be; he could see that I am very driven towards becoming a Creative Director.

I started at Ealing Broadway in November 2016, working towards a Level 3 Diploma in Marketing. I’m now responsible for the Centre’s social media, building up the online persona for customers and local audiences. I also engage with retailers in the Centre and collect their sales figures. And I’m in charge of designing and creating content for newsletters, informing retailers about events and updates.

Coming out of college, I was very creative based. My job now involves a lot more face-to-face and social interaction and office computer skills, rather than me working in Photoshop on my own. I still get to use my creative skills and knowledge, writing briefs for some of the creatives used within the Centre and doing design work to create a better social environment for the Centre team. The team environment here is very kind and understanding. There’s a lot of hard work behind it too and dedication to the overall message, creating Places People Prefer.

My apprenticeship has already strengthened areas identified as weakness when I was going through school. My social interaction professionally has increased and my language skills, both written and verbal, have improved enormously. I’m also getting a thorough understanding of how the business world operates. 

I would really recommend an apprenticeship for anybody who wants to get a good understanding of what it’s like to be in a professional organisation. When they’re younger, most people have no idea of the direction they wish to go in, but if you get first-hand experience in a field, you can determine without hesitation whether it’s right for you or not. It’s helped me be even more driven on my way to my goal of one day becoming a Creative Director.

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