Life as an Apprentice at St Stephen’s

By Tom Cardwell
Carpentry and Joinery Apprentice with Incentive FM at St Stephen’s, Hull

08 Mar 2017

My apprenticeship with Incentive FM at St Stephen’s, Hull, has helped me develop into a more competent tradesman, by ensuring I work with skilled people who show me the most professional ways of completing the tasks set.

I’ve worked my way up to an apprentice from a trainee, completing an array of courses, such as functional skills Maths and English, both at Level 2, and a multi-skilled apprenticeship. DKM Training found me a role at St Stephen’s, where I could gain on-site experience and put my skills into practice.

Working at St Stephen’s for just over two years, I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience. In addition to a hefty amount of courses relating to the capabilities of my role, I’m also working towards a Level 2 Carpentry and Joinery NVQ Diploma at DKM Training Centre. 

I currently work in the building services team, consisting of eight highly skilled workers. I work as part of the landscaping and general maintenance side of the team, alongside a very competent tradesman, learning many new things to help me develop my knowledge. 

I’m gaining a range of skills, including plastering, bricklaying, painting, decorating and plumbing, as well as carpentry and joinery. I’m now trusted by the whole team and other staff, as I’ve proved my ability to complete various tasks on my own without assistance.

Overall, I fully enjoy my time working at St Stephen’s as I am around friendly and supportive people in a fantastic environment.

For anyone looking to do an apprenticeship, I’d say to choose the right one for you, stick at it when it gets challenging, take in as much information as possible about the job you want to be in – and most of all work hard and enjoy yourself!

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