Apprenticeships – A Learning Experience

By Georgia Hamilton-Mills
Office Apprentice at SouthGate, Bath

07 Mar 2017

There’s a common misconception that apprenticeships are for those who don’t enjoy the school learning environment and, whilst this may be true for some, it certainly isn’t the case for others like myself.

After finishing school with a good set of GCSEs, and wishing to try my hand at something new, I began researching apprenticeships.

Upon discovering the many vacancies online, I did some research into SouthGate, Bath, and its co-owner British Land, and decided to apply. Within a week, I was contacted asking if I was available to interview. I left feeling elated at the prospect of a new adventure, and received a phone call on my way home confirming my place at SouthGate to complete a Level 2 Business Administration NVQ course.

The friendly and approachable attitudes of my colleagues made my transition from school to work a seamless and pleasant process, and I quickly adapted to the extra responsibility yet freedom that was allowed within the adult working environment.

After several months of seeing the life-cycle of an office, I began to show a profound interest in the Marketing department, due to my creative attributes and way of working. Following on from this, I started to complete a Level 4 CIM Professional Marketing Foundation Degree, and have just had my first module back as a pass with distinction.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to develop my confidence so significantly, all whilst discovering what I wish to pursue as a career in the future.

I would encourage all young people to consider completing an apprenticeship as they are the most rewarding and valuable experiences available in terms of deciding your working future. I look forward to furthering my success within the industry.

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