Apprenticeships – Go Electric at St Stephen’s

By Blake Cropper
Electrician with Incentive FM at St Stephen’s, Hull

21 Mar 2017

When I went through the interviews for my apprenticeship four years ago, it was clear that St Stephen’s, Hull, was going to be a good place to develop my skills and fulfil my future ambitions – they had the same high aims and targets for me that I had for myself. 

When getting towards the end of school, you have to start planning what to do next; most people are set on sixth form or college. However, I wanted to achieve more. Apprenticeships appealed, as I saw them as a better way to develop myself and my skills. 

After leaving school and coming straight into the working world as an apprentice at St Stephen’s with Incentive FM, my aim was to become a fully qualified electrician. During my four-year apprenticeship, I set myself other goals too – challenging myself to come to the end of my apprenticeship with a good working knowledge of the job and to be offered a job in the Centre.

During my apprenticeship, I learned a lot of different skills, not just electrical work, but basic plumbing, repairing on-site equipment and being able to work as part of a team or on my own. Plus, I’ve completed several courses, including World Host customer service, Dementia Friendly and Mansafe training. 

To complete my Level 3 NVQ as an electrician, I did day release to Hull College. This was a whole different experience because it’s where you find out whether you can achieve the high goals that you have set yourself. I had to be determined, not only at college and at work, but also in my own time to get the necessary work completed to achieve my ambition of becoming a fully qualified electrician.

Four years down the line, much hard work and determination have got me to the point where I’ve just collected my certificates. I feel a real sense of achievement; I’ve reached a goal, and this opens more doors and opportunities for my future and my development.

I’m now starting to look forward to what else I’d like to achieve – more training, more courses and more skills. I’m hoping to work towards supervisor courses and build even more knowledge as I continue to develop in my job.

Blake at the start of his apprenticeship in 2013. Read his blog here

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