Apprenticeships – An Excellent Stepping Stone

By Tom Malloy
Former Customer Service Apprentice at Meadowhall

21 Mar 2017

Apprenticeships are an excellent stepping stone into the world of work for anyone. You learn plenty of ways to deal with many different situations and it is unbelievable how much knowledge you’ve taken in by the end of the course. 

After finishing my A Levels at Sir Thomas Wharton Community College in Doncaster, I’d been unemployed for a couple of months. I felt that an apprenticeship was the best way to learn and grow skills and confidence in the role that I was interested in – customer service.

I was over the moon to receive the apprenticeship offer that would ultimately shape my future. I started at Meadowhall in December 2013, on a Level 2 Customer Service apprenticeship, supported by The Source Skills Academy. 

My role involved a number of different tasks to provide the best possible service for customers on the malls. This included giving directions, handling enquiries, maintaining clean and tidy standards in the Oasis food court and assisting marketing by staffing events and handing out communications.

Working at Meadowhall was a huge eye opener to me. I was soon confronted with hundreds of different situations, which I slowly learned how to handle. I really did not expect the level of demand for such a small department and I am happy it all turned out this way as it has shaped the way I am. 

I progressed into a Customer Service Assistant position at Meadowhall in 2014. From there, I’ve recently gained a new customer-facing role in the banking industry. I hope to progress my skills and knowledge further in this role. I also want to show off the skills I have learned along the way on my journey with Meadowhall.  

In my experience, the support you get on a Meadowhall apprenticeship is second to none, from colleagues, line managers and your assessor.

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