A Good Day’s Work

By Lucinda Bell
Chief Financial Officer at British Land

14 Feb 2017

Sometimes you have a day where everything comes together. Last Tuesday was a good day for sustainable placemaking at British Land.

In the morning, as a member of the Executive Committee, I heard some innovative proposals relating to how we develop diversity in the workplace, presented by a team that included Head of Wellbeing and Futureproofing, Matt Webster. The proposals were discussed and approved by the Committee, which marks a major milestone towards implementation. I left the session feeling positive about the way our company values, such as to ‘do what is right, not what is easy’, inform our decision making and influence how we do business.

Later in the day, together with colleagues, I headed over to Broadgate in the City, for the first session of our new Sustainability Panel. This brings together external and internal experts to test and stretch our ambitions. The introductory session focused on shared understanding, getting to know each other, and a walk around Broadgate to bring our strategy, Places People Prefer, to life.

We knew that, on paper, the Panel brought together people with a good range of experience and perspectives. But what stood out from our first session was the way the group gelled and how interested people were to listen and contribute. This will be a powerful advisory group for our business and I’m looking forward to the next session. More on our Panel here.

To round the day off, I said goodbye to our Head of Sustainable Places, Sarah Cary and colleagues Matt Webster and Sarune Ringelyte, as they left for the CIBSE Awards, where they picked up the Test of Time Award for energy reductions across our portfolio. Read Matt’s blog here.

Of course, a day like this, where you get a trio of positive outcomes, isn’t just about the day itself. It’s often been made possible by weeks, months or, in the case of our CIBSE award, even years of effort. But when everything comes together to give you a great day, it all feels worth it.

Congratulations go to the whole sustainability team and everyone involved in making it happen.

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