Managing Energy to Provide the Best Environment

By Peter Jackson
Senior Facilities Manager at Gazprom Marketing & Trading

27 Oct 2016

Good energy management at 20 Triton Street is helping Gazprom Marketing & Trading provide a great working environment for our London team, at the same time as cutting energy consumption and minimising energy bills.

When we moved to Regent’s Place in 2011, we completed the installation of the EP&T Global energy management system within our offices, which British Land had already installed in landlord areas. The level of data that we get from this system enables us to optimise lighting levels, temperatures and air quality for colleagues and, at the same time, operate everything as efficiently as possible.

We’re supported in our energy focus by British Land and the Broadgate Estates team that manages our building. Both organisations are very good at engaging with occupiers on energy management, often taking the lead to the benefit of all. This kind of collaboration is essential to good energy management in a multi-occupied building, where so many areas are linked.

We’re delighted to have achieved reductions in energy use every year since we moved in, with a 14% saving on our floors in the last 18 months alone – all whilst maintaining the best environmental conditions for staff. This is a positive message for us to share with colleagues and clients. It shows we’re an efficient organisation and we care about the environment.

The smart metering system provides a level of detail that gives us insights into exactly what’s going on in the building, highlighting things that need to be looked at – equipment running at hours when it’s not needed, items using more energy than expected, unusual peaks and troughs in consumption. We can then use this understanding to make management decisions about equipment – whether it’s manipulating run times, adjusting light settings, changing temperature controls or replacing equipment.

Our IT procurement team has also benefited from the system, as they can use the data to assist in decision making. In addition, we’re able to provide evidence that validates those choices; for instance, that our new monitors are much more efficient to run than the old ones, and that new equipment in our computer rooms has resulted in efficiency savings.

We’re pleased with what we’ve achieved to date, but still think that there’s more that can be done. So we’ve brought Phil Draper on board as a consultant to provide extra support. As Senior Technical and Sustainability Manager for Broadgate Estates, Phil’s well-placed to pick up building-wide energy saving opportunities and take them forward with other occupiers and the building team. His experience and skill in interrogating the data and high enthusiasm for energy management also help us achieve the best results.

We’re looking forward to our fifth consecutive year of energy reductions in a great office environment.

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