Broadgate Connect – Changing Lives

By Chantell Brown
Project Manager for Broadgate Connect

20 Jun 2016

Over 180 East London jobseekers have found jobs and apprenticeships with suppliers and occupiers at Broadgate since 2012, through Broadgate Connect, our employment and training initiative with the East London Business Alliance.

Many of the people I’ve engaged with through Broadgate Connect would never otherwise have thought of trying to secure a job in the City. From long-term jobseekers to young people looking for their first job, it is so fulfilling to have a positive impact on an individual’s progression and success.

I am grateful to Broadgate employers for the opportunities that they have created, opening doors for local people and giving them access to roles that many would never have imagined for themselves. In turn, it is great to see the employers benefiting from motivated, committed employees with new skills and ideas.

Since Broadgate Connect launched in 2012, we’ve engaged with 820 East London residents, helping connect them to job opportunities, apprenticeships and work placements in the City. 80% of participants come from our target boroughs of Hackney and Tower Hamlets.

Getting a job really can be life changing. Here are just a few of the people whose lives have been touched through Broadgate Connect. Thanks to all the employers, candidates and partners who’ve helped make this happen!

Abdus of Tower Hamlets had been searching for an apprenticeship for five years, before joining Broadgate Estates as Trainee Building Surveyor: “When Chantell phoned me, she heard me screaming to my mum and dad about my new job offer and my overwhelming joy. I was lost for words so all I could do was shout in happiness. Working with the professionals at Broadgate Estates has allowed me to start my career in surveying. Broadgate has offered me a once in a lifetime opportunity. Living the dream.”

Amin of Hackney had been looking for work for seven months, before gaining his role with Not Just Cleaning: “Being unemployed made me feel worthless and less confident. I sometimes felt depressed. I doubted my ability to ever find a job again. The Broadgate Connect training scheme helped me develop the necessary skills and experience to secure employment. Chantell gave me fantastic help and support. When Chantell and my manager offered me a permanent job, I jumped up and down and hugged them all because I was so excited. I am finally happy, confident and financially stable. My future is bright.”

Christopher of Hackney had been job hunting for two months when he was offered a role with Not Just Cleaning: “Chantell helped me maintain a positive attitude. She went above and beyond to ensure that my core strengths shone in front of employers and advised me on the best course of action. When I was offered a job, I was overjoyed; it almost seemed like a dream. It has given me back a sense of purpose and stability. I do front of house in the reception of one of the largest buildings in London. An added bonus is my job allows me to see the view of the entire City of London every day! The managers have already spoken to me about training to become a supervisor and eventually a manager, so the future looks bright. If you put in the effort, do your best, listen and follow advice, succeeding will be smooth sailing.”

Glenn of Hackney had been looking for work for 12 months after being made redundant from his job of 17 years. He is now a handyman with Engie: “Being unemployed made me feel useless. I was applying for up to two jobs per day and never received replies or feedback. I was constantly looking on the Internet for work and had growing concerns that no employer would hire me. Every piece of help and advice I received from Chantell increased my chances, she led me in the right direction. Her pep talks made me believe I could get the job. When I received the job offer, I could not stop smiling. Being employed has made me feel some self-worth. I am proud to say that I am a handyman; each day brings a different problem to solve which I enjoy. My future looks much brighter – brighter than I could have imagined.”

Katie of Tower Hamlets is Marketing and Events Administration Apprentice with Broadgate Estates: “Before joining the Broadgate team, I was stuck in a rut! When I was invited for an interview, it was my first time in an office so I was very nervous, but Chantell made me feel at ease. I am now near the end of my apprenticeship and feel I have achieved more in the last year than in the two years before. I love my team and feel so at home. My role is perfect for me – helping market and create events, using my imagination and staying creative. I’m looking forward to achieving my Level 4 and securing a permanent position. For once, I am really and truly proud of myself and can’t wait for what the future has to bring.”

Louis of Hackney completed his landscaping apprenticeship with Nurture: “I was invited for an interview with Chantell, who made me feel welcome, asking me to talk about my experiences, interests, strengths and weaknesses. Two hours later and I was offered a second interview with the employer, who took me around the estate. Soon after, I was offered the apprenticeship. This opportunity was amazing; it was close to home and a really nice place to work. I’m able to learn aspects of gardening, operating machinery and estate management. I am now a full-time, permanent member of staff working for a leading horticulture company. I’m glad I found this route and it is definitely the beginning of my career.”

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