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A level playing field - Shared parental leave

By Chris Grigg

06 Mar 2017

Fathers increasingly want to play a hands-on role in raising their young children so we’ve just updated our Shared Parental Leave Policy to give both parents equal amounts of paid leave. Inclusivity is an important focus for British Land and this decision puts us amongst a handful of UK companies.

Our vision to create Places People Prefer is centred on understanding our customers and responding to the changing way they live their lives. It feels right to take a similar approach to parental leave and our own people.

Our decision on parental leave and pay started as a request from within our business. Our executive team discussed the financial considerations as well as ingrained social issues and lack of awareness. But making this seemingly tricky policy decision was actually easy; it boiled down to attracting and retaining great talent by supporting men and women through different stages in their careers; that makes good business sense.

All the data shows that many companies lose talented women after the birth of their children; similarly many men feel they can’t share in looking after their baby in its first year due to inequality in pay and a ‘traditional’ view of men as breadwinners and women as carers. 

Shared Parental Leave was made a statutory right in April 2015 but with the caveat that people who participated would only receive statutory pay, rather than the enhanced maternity pay a mother would traditionally receive. Our decision levels the playing field. I’m very proud we’ve taken this big step forward.

Read the press release here

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