Customer Orientation

Responding to changing lifestyles

We use our insight into customers’ needs and identify major long term trends to create environments which reflect changing lifestyles.

Our customers are our occupiers as well as the end users of our properties. We engage with the people who visit our Retail centres and our Office properties and the people who work and live, in and around them to provide buildings and environments that meet their needs.

Our Insight team operates across the business, collecting and analysing data on our customers, their behaviour and their preferences. This knowledge informs our business plan for each of our assets.

We share many of these insights with our occupiers, as part of a continuous programme of engagement, helping to develop a collaborative, long term relationship with the people who use our space.

Broadgate Estates, our wholly owned subsidiary, manages all our properties, enabling us to provide a high and consistent standard of service across our portfolio.

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