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We are the UK’s largest owner and manager of retail space. We provide high quality retail alongside a growing leisure offer and best in class services to deliver outstanding places which are in tune with modern consumer lifestyles, places where people go to shop, eat and be entertained.


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Our retail strategy is focused on regional and local multi-let assets where we are able to manage and improve the broader environment.. We own assets which are prime in their catchment and capture a broad range of consumer spend. Our larger regional assets have a wide-ranging retail and leisure offering, attracting visitors from a broad catchment. Our smaller local assets are convenient and accessible, aligned to the daily life of local communities.

In Retail, our customers have more choice than ever before; the offering is wider and there are more delivery platforms. Using the data we collect, we are building our understanding of how our customers manage these choices and responding to what we learn, investing across the portfolio with initiatives ranging from large scale leisure extensions to relatively smaller scale improvements such as landscaping and wi-fi coverage.

The strength of our customer appeal means we attract some of the best retailers to our assets. The quality and diversity of our occupiers, their consistently high occupancy levels and relatively long leases provide a security of income which enhances the overall quality of the portfolio.