Our Retail portfolio provides high quality retail and leisure space with best in class services, reflecting modern consumer lifestyles. We provide places to shop, eat and be entertained; places which are convenient and accessible and which connect with local communities.


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Our Retail assets are aligned to the way people shop and the way retailers arrange their networks. Our Regional centres attract visitors from a wide catchment for planned trips, with a breadth and depth of retail and leisure. Our Local centres fit into the daily life of communities, providing convenience, and accessibility, with retail, social and civic space and are especially suited to click and collect.


Attracting visitors from a wide catchment for a planned trip


Fitting into the daily life of local communities

Our approach reflects our understanding of our occupiers and their customers and we use a range of sources to understand their needs. We engage with consumers directly through shopper surveys and collect data and their online interactions, generating insights about how, when and where people like to shop. This guides everything from our investment in the portfolio to the occupiers we are targeting, enabling us to position our centres to be the best in their catchment for the range of shopper missions they serve.

This insight also guides our placemaking activity across the portfolio. We host activities and events which strengthen our links with local communities, helping to drive loyalty and footfall. This year, our Young Readers Programme, in partnership with National Literacy Trust brought over 5,000 children to our retail centres.