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Our Offices & Residential portfolio is focused on London, reflecting its position as a leading global city – a place to live, work and do business. We provide a range of working and living space across our campuses at Broadgate, Regent’s Place and Paddington Central, as well as high quality standalone properties in strong locations with well managed environments. This strategy enables us to retain control of the wider area, allowing us to leverage our placemaking experience to manage the broader environment.


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London has been a major beneficiary of a number of macro-economic trends: globalisation, both of labour and capital; and population growth, particularly in urban centres. Its business friendly environment, diverse pool of talent, and the choice it offers in terms of retail, leisure and entertainment underpin its appeal. Our Office portfolio comprises assets which benefit from these broader trends.

Our occupiers increasingly see property as key to attract and retain talent. We work closely with them to understand what makes a great place to work and this insight is shaping the work we are doing across our Offices portfolio. We understand that location is a priority and in particular proximity to transport infrastructure, so these are important considerations for us when we make investment decisions. We have also learnt that the quality and efficiency of the building matters to our occupiers, and that their employees want an attractive place to work, as well as a range of facilities and services they can enjoy outside of the office.

We have also developed high quality residential space in London. These include our developments at Regent’s Place (Osnaburgh and the Triton Building), Marble Arch House, and Bedford Street. We are currently developing a number of exciting, high-end projects, including Clarges Mayfair and The Hempel Collection, totalling over 400,000 sq ft.

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Places People Prefer: The Office Agenda

At British Land, we create outstanding places that make a positive difference to people’s everyday lives. Placemaking is at the heart of what we do.

The Office Agenda brings together our extensive insight into what makes an office that people, from employees to the board, prefer.

Whether your focus as an occupier of office space is on your business's strategy, finance, people or property, The Office Agenda has something for you. From research-led stories to expert opinions, you’ll find out how important your workplace and built environment can be to attracting and retaining talent, improving staff wellbeing, addressing sustainability and efficiency challenges, and much more.

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