What sets us apart

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Customer insight

Our investment in data collection and analytics brings us closer to our customers, guiding our investments and helping us to create places that meet their expectations and lifestyles.

Placemaking skills

Improving our assets to create a better overall experience for our customers and local communities. Places which are easy to visit, vibrant, pleasant and engaging and with high quality on site services; places where people want to work, shop, live and visit.

Lifestyle focused retail environments

Regional and local multi-let retail assets in tune with modern consumer lifestyles, where people go to shop, eat and be entertained.

High quality office campuses

Office-led environments focused around key transport infrastructure with a growing retail and leisure offer enabling people to combine work and play. The diversity of our offering provides opportunities and amenities for local communities, helping to energise the broader campus.

Mixed use development experience

Large scale projects, combining offices, retail, residential and leisure set amidst attractive public spaces. Typically, these developments involve close collaboration with local planning authorities, communities and partners, as well as active day-to-day management.

Ability to source and execute complex deals

We have the expertise and financial flexibility required to execute complex deals delivering highly attractive returns for our shareholders.

Strong network of relationships

Our networks span occupiers, planners, local authorities, community leaders, strategic partners and investors, reflecting our many years as leading developers and landlords across the UK.

Sustainability credentials

We have been sustainability leaders for a long time and have successfully integrated sustainability into our placemaking approach, innovating to improve people’s wellbeing, supporting local communities, designing for the future and developing skills and opportunities at our places.