Diversity and Inclusion

“Diversity is critical to the success of our business. By creating an environment where people can come to work and feel fully supported we allow our people, and therefore the whole organisation, to be more productive” Chris Grigg, CEO

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Our commitment

As part of our commitment to diversity and building an inclusive environment we have signed up to the National Equality Standard (NES). The NES has been developed by EY in partnership with 18 other UK and global organisations and the Equality and Human Rights Commission. It sets clear equality, diversity and inclusion criteria against which organisations are assessed. NES will bring clarity and consistency to our efforts of promoting diversity and inclusion within our company and will help further shape our initiatives around talent acquisition and development.

British Land is the major funder of Pathways to Property, an initiative set up in 2012 by the Reading Real Estate Foundation to encourage young people from more diverse backgrounds to take up careers in property. Students receive talks in school and can attend a summer school where they are supported through mentors, work experience and can receive support via bursaries, scholarships and internships.

British Land also supports Sociable Surveyors which helps provide internship opportunities for property students.

The Women’s Network

Our missions

As a Committee we are dedicated to the following:

  1. To lead a change of culture within the property sector.
  2. To make BL the property company of choice for women.
  3. To champion the contribution of women at every level of the business and ensure women are fully represented in the key decisions creating Places People Prefer, reflecting the gender representation of our customers, stakeholders and communities.

Strategic goals

Continue to informally support women through the Women’s Network, as well as provide a formal platform for BL Women at all levels, to support their personal and professional development.

Ensure the gender equality and diversity is reflected in the company’s corporate risk register to enable business units to demonstrate they have diverse teams and women are in decision making roles within these teams.

Ensure the committee become the key stakeholder for HR on new initiatives, the development of the People Strategy and associated policies.

Champion internally / externally for BL Gender position. Generate positive PR and help lead the culture of change within BL.

BL Pride

Mission statement

BL Pride is British Land’s LGBTA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and ally) diversity network. We advocate equality of opportunity and a work environment that respects, welcomes and supports LGBT professionals, and empowers them to perform to their fullest potential in creating places people prefer.

Strategic objectives

Raise awareness and understanding of LGBT issues with colleagues leveraging the power of the allies within the network

Development of medium term plan including clear targets and identification of strategic partners for BL Pride

Work closely with HR to promote British Land as an employer of choice for LGBT individuals working in real estate

Ensure that British Land’s policies and procedures are appropriate and support LGBT individuals.

Talent and development

British Land is committed to ensuring that we have Expert People as one of the core elements of our strategy. We recognise that do this, we need to provide the right opportunities for everyone and that this requires a workplace that enables their creativity, innovation, and productivity.

Everyone in the British Land team agrees a 12 month Personal Development Plan with their manager no matter what role they have in the company. We encourage our managers to really get to know and appreciate their people as individuals, so that they can understand how to get the best from them and can therefore tap into a unique and rich source of experience and differing perspectives, as well as helping them to grow in a way that benefits them most.

To support this we take a blended learning approach as we know that everyone learns in a different way. As well as providing opportunities such as involvement in collaborative projects, our resources include access to multi-format on-demand learning which can be accessed at work, from home or ‘on-the-go’ as well more traditional training courses.

Home grown talent is important and we have recently launched a mentoring pilot for our female employees to encourage greater gender diversity in the real estate business. We plan to role this out more widely across the business.

For us Diversity & Inclusion is about reflecting the diversity of our customers; the people who work, shop and live in our buildings. We welcome people from a diverse range of backgrounds and orientations. We believe different perspectives make us stronger and create diversity of thought. Learn more about our career opportunities here.


Associations we belong to

Stonewall Real Estate Balance Outstanding The Albert Kennedy Trust NES

Awards and recognition

Chris Grigg recognised for his commitment to equality in the workplace by Outstanding in their 2015 Leading 30 Ally Executive list